Programs and Timeline
The Cambridge Food Lab is actively looking for funding to open Taco Nation, the 1st Phase of the Cambridge Food Lab. Taco Nation’s main objective is to develop revenue for the Cambridge Food Lab. Taco Nation will be owned by CFL and will open first with the intention to generate revenue to develop CFL 2nd Phase and future operations. Our programs are divided into three phases: 1st (from funding to 6-8 months), 2nd (12-18 months) 3rd (24-36 months). Our 1st phase only includes the Restaurant (Taco Nation)

1st Phase (fundig-6-8 months):
-Restaurant/revenue (Taco Nation)
-Volunteer recruitment program.

2nd Phase (12-18 months):
-CFL hiring staff
-Restaurant Incubator Program
(application process starts)
-Catering Services
-Test Kitchen (rentals)
-Food Bank / Pantry

3rd Phase (24-36 months):
-High Tech Food Lab
-External Rentals and Events
-Cooking and Healthy Eating Classes
-Online TV Show
-The Restaurant Advisors Round
-Events and Festivals
-The Food Industry Connector
-Provide 'Full-Benefits' to our restaurant employees